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How to create a push and pull request on GitHub

How to create a push and pull request on GitHub

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·Nov 29, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • What is Git/GitHub?
  • What is a push and pull request?
  • How to create a push request
  • How to create a pull request

What is Git/GitHub?

Git is a version control system that assists you in managing and tracking your code. GitHub is a cloud-based platform for collaboration and hosting git repositories.

What is a push and pull request?

A push request allows you to send recent commits from your local repository to GitHub, whereas a pull request notifies the code maintainer of a newly added branch on the Git repository.

How to create a push request

STEP 1: Open your GitHub account, navigate to an existing repository, click on "code", and copy the repository link.


STEP 2: Create a folder on your desktop/computer and open the folder with Git bash

step 2.PNG

STEP 3: Clone the repository on your GitHub by using the command and copy the repository link

git clone {repo link}


STEP 4: To open your code editor, enter the command "code ."


STEP 5: Create a new branch by using the command;

git checkout -b “branch-name”


STEP 6: To add all changes and edits made in this new branch, using the command;

git add .


STEP 7: Create a commit and save all changes made in this new branch

git commit -m “branch-name”


STEP 8: Upload your local repository content to a remote repository using the command below

git push –set-upstream origin chats-section


How to create a pull request

STEP 1: After successfully pushing your commit to a specific branch, navigate to the project repository on GitHub and create a pull request.

Note: It is recommended to include a comment explaining what your newly created branch is about, as well as a screenshot of your code's UI.

pull request.PNG

STEP 2: Merge your pull request with the repo's main branch, but this should be reviewed and executed by the creator/owner of the repository

merge pull request.PNG

STEP 3: When the commits are merged, they are added to the main branch.


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